A Spreadsheet Solution to Track All Your I Bonds

Here, I will show you how you can easily set up an Excel workbook to track all your I bond investment. I have also included a sample workbook that you can download and use with minimum customization. On the summary page of the workbook you can retrieve the following values of your I bonds for a date you choose.

  • Month and year of purchase
  • Purchase price
  • Fixed interest
  • Redemption value (net of interest penalty for early redemption), and
  • Full accrued value.

A row total will give you the total value of your investment. To get the values on a different date, change the date on the summary page.

To start, create a blank workbook. For each of your I bonds, go to the I Bond Calculator, enter the date and amount of purchase and generate a report of monthly values. Download the report as a CSV file by pressing the ‘Download CSV’ button. Click on the downloaded file and open it in Excel. Move that sheet to the master workbook and rename the sheet with an appropriate name for that I bond. Do this for all your I bonds and then the master workbook will have a sheet each for each of your I bonds showing the monthly values. Then create a summary sheet in the workbook and add the formulas as shown in the downloadable sample workbook.

Download the sample spreadsheet and use it as a starting point rather than recreating from scratch. The sample spreadsheet has four I bonds. Erase these values and replace with the values of your I bonds by copying and pasting. If necessary rename the individual sheets to match your I bonds. You can add additional sheets to accommodate all your I bonds. Make sure the formulas on the summary page reflect any changes you make to the workbook or individual sheets.

Download Sample Workbook

File name: IbondSum.xlsx, file size: 28 KB (28,672 bytes on disk). This Excel file does not contain any macros.

Click this link to download: Click here.

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