Future Value Calculator

Calculate future value from a given present value.

Future value represents the value of an investment or cash flow at a specified future date. It is the amount to which an investment or cash flow will grow over time, assuming a certain interest rate or rate of return. Because of compounding, money invested or saved today can grow over time due to the effect of earning interest or returns. The future value is the accumulation of the initial investment or cash flow, along with the returns or interest earned over the specified time period.

The calculation of future value takes into account the initial investment or cash flow, the interest rate or rate of return, and the time period over which the investment grows. The future value is determined by applying these variables to a mathematical formula. The formula in this calculator can accommodate various compounding options ranging from daily to annual.



1. In Box 1, enter the amount for which you want to calculate the future value. This amount is the present value.

2. In Box 2, enter the interest rate, discount rate, or inflation rate that you want to apply to the calculation.

3. Enter the number of years in Box 3.

4. Select the compunding frequency in box 4.

5. Press Submit.