Compare I Bond to Bond Funds

Compounded Annual Growth from Jan-2021 to Feb-2024 *
I Bond: 5.33%
VUSTX: -13.90%
VBMFX: -5.52%
VFISX: -2.76%
VSGBX: -2.76%
VFITX: -4.87%

VUSTX - Vanguard Long-Term Treasury Fund Investor Shares

VBMFX - Vanguard Total Bond Market Index Fund Investor Shares

VFISX - Vanguard Short-Term Treasury Fund Investor Shares

VSGBX - Vanguard Short-Term Federal Fund Investor Shares

VFITX - Vanguard Intermediate-Term Treasury Fund Investor Shares

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*The accrued value (not redemption value) of I Bond for $1,000 purchased in Jan-2021 is compared to the same amount invested in the bond funds on the same date. .

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